The Repulsive Flower : A material based research about art history, gender and decorative porcelain

University essay from Konstfack/Institutionen för konsthantverk (KHV)

Abstract:     In this project I am investigating my relationship with western traditional porcelain produced between 1700 and 1900 from a gender perspective. While looking at what has been feminine coded within the late history of ceramics I made the horrible realization that I do not value this kind of ceramics. The 21th century Scandinavia with stripped down, clean surfaces, filled with cool people dressed in black leaves little room for romantic, billowy vases decorated with flowers.     I have produced a series of 30 porcelain vases, all decorated in the same way with a botanical pattern. They are installed in an old wooden shelf, packed tightly together. With this installation I want to discuss what part art history has made it to the museums and what parts has been stored away and labelled as tasteless knick knack. How has gender affected this? For some reason all my artistic role models has been male painters and not female ceramicists.

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