Agile System Development: : An investigation of the challenges and possibilities of using Scrum

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för informatik


In order to combat the different obstacles and issues with system development many of the system development firms of today use some sort of system development method to structure their system development projects. However, there are different challenges with using agile system development methods. This research addresses the different challenges that exist when using Scrum as a system development method by viewing it from different key stakeholder perspectives. The research has been based on a single case study approach that has investigated a high-tech system development firm with more than one hundred employees. The case study was conducted by interviewing six stakeholders of the firm. This research shows that there are a number of core challenges within the firm. These challenges are connected to five diffent themes: collaboration, coordination, communication, Scrum as a support unit and transistion processes revolving around Scrum. 

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