Short Range Wireless Network Integration in Intelligent Environments

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Avdelningen för telekommunikationssystem


The advent of low powered battery computing devices such as laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs), faced up new challenge when it come to sharing information and available resources. We need to adopt a more reliable and efficient or cost effective approach to interconnect them together in order to make various services access possible. The idea of wired connectivity is to be discarded since do not fit with the cost policy and not self organizing as generally requires human intervention. Therefore considering the reliability aspect, the breakthrough for such application, is to design a short range wireless network that will enable automatic connectivity and immediately share data among them. In many circumstances, short-range wireless networks like Bluetooth serves as a prototype environment for demonstrating ad-hoc network access in intelligent environments. If we believe all of the hype surrounding Bluetooth technology, we can expect our fridge to use our mobile phone to order groceries over the Internet, and, of course, end up ordering an extremely expensive new car instead of a steak. The ability to access such services heavily depend on the platform providing integrated and discovered services. Bluetooth devices must register as platform services that need to be available as Bluetooth services. In both environments, system integration must be performed and additional communication link must be established. The goal of the work is to enable access services on an integrated non-Bluetooth intelligent system via Bluetooth enabled device (Client-Server architecture), vice versa. Finally the design and implementation of a prototype application supporting short-range wireless network is implemented in embedded Java APIs for Bluetooth Wireless.

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