Peace promoting or spurring tension further? How The Indian Express frames Prime Minister Modi´s speeches in regard to identity groups in India

University essay from Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: Political leaders affect the ordinary citizen´s perception of the world, making them important to study in relation to the upsurge of tension and conflict. In this specific thesis the focus is on how The Indian Express frames the discourses of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India concerning the relationship between Hindus, minorities and Non-Hindus. The analysis is done through an interrelated analysis of the theoretical framework of Sandra F. Joireman (2003). Through the perspective of instrumentalism, an understanding of ethnicity that views ethnic identification as a tool for elites and leaders in pursue of a political or economic goal, the meaning of the framed discourses are withdrawn and discussed. With the result that when PM Modi mentions other identity groups in India he does so mostly in a positive light still trying to create bound and emotional ties. However, the thesis discovers how there is an underlying, ulterior motive indicating that he uses identification as a tool in pursue of political goals. In concluding remarks it is argued that PM Modi first of all is promoting peaceful means in relationships between different groups.

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