Satisfaction level of hotel customers in Iran: case of Parsian Esteghlal Hotel

University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Industriell ekonomi och samhällsvetenskap/Industrial marketing and e-commerce

Abstract: Nowadays, success of every company or organization lies beneath the satisfaction of their customers. This is especially obvious in hospitality sector. The success of a company active in hospitality environment has a direct relationship with their ability to satisfy their customers. Hotels, as one main important sector of hospitality environment, will use their customers if they walk out the door dissatisfied. In this situation they will not go back to the hotel and they will not suggest the hotel to their friends. This means losing customers and failure of the company (hotel).Increasingly customers are demanding added values for the money they are spending for their stay at a hotel. They do expect appropriate price and quality services from the staff of the hotel. They continuously compare the price and quality of different hotels with each other. In order for a hotel to gain market share and success, hotel corporations need to review the way they are currently offering their services. The Parsian Esteghlal Hotel is no exception to this rule. Dominated, as it is, by semi-state owned operated establishment, it seems that the hotel has been somewhat backward in its approach to both service quality and customer care over the years. This thesis presented here measures the gap between customer expectation and perception of the services offered by staff of the hotel. SERVQUAL instrument has been used as a tool to measure this gap which shows the level of customer satisfaction from the services offered at the hotel.