Digital Tools Supporting Boardgames - Dungeons and Drawings on the Microsoft Surface

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för data- och informationsteknik

Author: Johan Frölander; Ulf Hartelius; [2011-12-09]

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Abstract: In this report we present Tisch, a computer-based system with a tangible interface to support tabletop gaming in general and tabletop role-playing games and small-scale wargaming in particular. Based on the ideas of tangible and tabletop interfaces from computer science Tisch was developed to explore how technology can support tabletop gaming activities without becoming a hindrance or removing the players‟ agency over the rules. Tisch is designed to allow players to behave in their accustomed manner, including having unrestricted social interactions and using whatever rules they wish to whatever degree they wish, while harnessing the advantages computers offer through both offloading unwanted tasks and enhancing immersion. The report describes tasks common for tabletop games and how Tisch can support these, the underlying design rationale, the development process, the testing performed, and discusses possible expansions and suggestions for similar systems. Finally, it aims to give a clear picture of the current state of the system by the end of the project and relevant information for anyone wishing to continue working with or making use of Tisch.

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