Drivers and Barriers to BI Acquisition in Swedish Public Transport Organizations

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Abstract: Organizations are looking more and more into BI in order to reduce their costs and increase their revenue as the effective use of BI can be the difference between bankruptcy and survival in times of financial uncertainty. Using BI, the user can detect trends in a quickly manner as well as analyzing the behavior of customers and make changes accordingly. Unlike private organizations, public transport organizations in Sweden are partially funded by tax subsidies, but there are still high demands to keep budget every year. This qualitative study is exploring the drivers and barriers to BI acquisition in public transport organizations in Sweden. More precisely, the study includes interviews with Hallandstrafiken, Skånetrafiken and Blekingetrafiken. The findings of the study firstly include the drivers - Save knowledge in IS rather than in people, Greater agility and efficiency, Saving time, Improved data collection, and More information and more accurate information about the future. Secondly, the findings include the barriers Cowardice, Unclear political vision and Tough budget.

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