Intra-Domain Statistical Quality of Service Routing

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för datavetenskap och kommunikation

Author: Atiq Ur Rehman; [2009]

Keywords: Intra-domain; QoS; Routing; Statistical;


The purpose of this thesis was to explore different Intra-domain Quality of Service (QoS) routing techniques. QoS routing algorithms can be divided into Deterministic and Statistic / Stochastic. One goal of the study was to dig into different techniques being used for both types of solutions. The Delay Constrained Least Cost (DCLC) problem was examined for this purpose. Another objective was to investigate if a deterministic solution for DCLC can be transformed into a stochastic solution. After giving a complete picture of the related research, two algorithms were selected for simulation. These algorithms provide deterministic solutions but suggestions are included to use them for stochastic purpose. The algorithms were tested on a simulator developed by Ernst Nordström at Dalarna University, Sweden.

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