International Judges and Prosecutors : And their role in Kosovo

University essay from Örebro universitet/Institutionen för juridik, psykologi och socialt arbete

Abstract: International judges and prosecutors are today present in various places around the world. They are supposed to function as a complement to the national judiciary and help in the up-building of rule of law. However, there are various problems and questions regarding the work they accomplish, which will be discussed throughout this thesis. Kosovo has been chosen as an example since it has a long experience of international judges and prosecutors. Further on it has been debated if the international personnel in the Kosovar judicial system contribute to the capacity-building or not. The following text also brings up several types of courts where the international judges and prosecutors are present. The reason for this is to give an idea of the various forms of international involvement that exists, but also to discuss where justice should be done. The aim of the thesis has been to find some key problems regarding international judges and prosecutors in national legal systems to be able to make better in the future. During the analyse of those questions various materials have been used, such as regulations, reports and previous research. The conclusion that has been drawn is that international judges and prosecutors can play an important role in the building of rule of law in national legal systems. However, the cooperation among internationals and nationals has to be deeper. Therefore some questions regarding for example salary and language problems must be solved so that the cooperation has the possibility to grow stronger in the future. 

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