Sustainable Tourism Management In Protected Areas Stenshuvud National Park - Sweden Case Study

University essay from Lunds universitet/Internationella miljöinstitutet

Abstract: This thesis covers sustainable tourism management in protected areas in Sweden taking the case of Stenshuvud National Park. Through a literature review and empirical studies, the current situation in regard to tourism management in Sweden and in the park is investigated, needs are identified and the usefulness of a formalised management system is discussed. The research indicates that the lack of clear guidelines on a national level, as well as the lack of a management system for tourism in the park, could constitute a threat to conservation values and natural assets. In order to manage tourism and access benefits while containing damage, there is a need to anticipate future problems and to plan and monitor current and future tourism flows and impacts in protected areas. While this may be possible even without formalised management systems, the study shows that such systems can provide significant guidance and support. The opportunities provided by the European Charter are further investigated and discussed in relation to the needs of the park. On the basis of the research, this thesis provides recommendations for the park.

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