Cultural Values and Social Unrest:Possible Connections. An investigation into the effects of cultural values as drivers of social unrest

University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Author: Siobhán Garside; Pichika Somchai; [2014-07-01]

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Abstract: The aim of this thesis is to identify cultural variables which may drive social unrest and the rolethese variables play in the communication of dissatisfaction. Data for this study was obtained byconsolidating two different data sets. One set of data came from ‘The GLOBE Study’ whichanalyses responses from middle-management about cultural values in 62 societies. The second dataset is from the ‘The Economist Intelligence Unit’ (EIU) which analyses political and economicalvariables in over 150 countries, with the aim to assess the risk of social unrest for each of thosecountries.In the first part of the study, we conduct a literature review which examines social unrest at a microlevel, paying particular attention to the communication and social movements theories. In thesecond part of the study we perform a data analysis, which will investigate trends and patternswhich appear from the amalgamation of the GLOBE study and the EIU political instability index. Inthe results and discussion, we analyse those patterns which indicate what cultural values play a rolein the communication of dissatisfaction and contribute to the risk of social unrest. These values arerelated to the dimensions of: Uncertainty Avoidance, Institutional Collectivism, PerformanceOrientation and Future Orientation.

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