Information system integration in merger and acquisition

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Abstract: Information system integration during M&As is one of the most critical processes when two companies are joining together. The majority of all work-related processes are dependent on functioning IS. The integration process exists of several crucial processes that are significant for the two organisations being able to work together. Organisations need to evaluate internal and external factors in order to make the process work. Literature and practice differ in what is regarded as the most important processes. What has been found in this thesis is the distinction between literature and reality, on what is regarded as the important success factors for the IS integration. The identified phases, critical success factors, challenges and IS integration methods found were evaluated in seven interviews with employees from the organizations in this case study in order to identify the most critical processes for a successful IS integration. The investigated processes stretches from the introduction of the M&A to the actual integration of the two organizations IT-stacks. The identified crucial processes found in this thesis are organizational culture, top management support, legal restrictions and legacy systems. Evaluating these and creating a short and a long-term plan on how to integrate and work with them are essential to succeed with the IS integration.

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