Balancing branding and sales - The content strategist dilemma

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för strategisk kommunikation

Abstract: This research strives to examine the impact of online brand communication on the content strategy of a premium brand in the context of ETON e-commerce store. The secondary purpose of the study provides the insight as to why brand message affects brand content strategy through various communication modes. The research set forth brand perspective to create an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms behind the content strategy and its importance for delivering the desired brand value to the target audience. The methodology of the study includes an overall approach to research analysis structure is based on the customer journey of ETON visitors. Finally a multimodal analysis of the brand color palette, typography and imagery has enabled an in-depth examination of editorial aspects of the brand content strategy. This study clarifies the strong connection between content strategy practices and effective brand message although complex mechanisms behind effective brand communication require a deeper focus on online branding. Branding, e-commerce platform and editorial content strategy practices have devised the key aspects of the successful performance of an online store. The research results have challenged the existing practices of content strategy approach and pointed to a strong contextual relevance for successful online brand communication tactics. Consequently, the study outcome points at a high risk of failed content delivery and ineffective brand message in the absence of data drive approach and in-depth understanding of consumer needs.

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