FEM simulation of 3D forming of double curved paper structures

University essay from KTH/HÄllfasthetslÀra (Inst.)

Author: Andreas Lundin; [2017]

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Abstract: This thesis examines the possibility of creating a functional predictive analysis tool that can be utilized to improve testing procedure for new double curved paperboard products. The most common procedure currently is to manufacture several prototype paperboards, perform initial forming tests of the new double curved shape and then iterate until a prototype paperboard successfully forms. A predictive analysis tool could greatly improve the efficiency of the prototype phase by narrowing the initial scope of desired properties. The analysis tool was to be focused on the suitability of the desired shape and the requirements of the material to successfully form. FEM simulations of the forming process were performed and then verified by experiments. It was found that the FEM simulations performed were representative of the experimental results, specifically in regards to plastic strain required and problematic areas relating to fracture. It was also found that the simulation lacked the robustness required for large scale predictive analysis.

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