Value proposition for a multi-sided platform connecting ideators, investors, and talents

University essay from Lunds universitet/Innovationsteknik

Abstract: The field of entrepreneurship is characterized by a fast-changing and uncertain environment. In addition, stakeholders within the field all come with different perspectives and concerns and are dependent upon each other. For a new business to be successful, financing and human capital are often determinants, especially within tech, and it is difficult to attain the “right” connections between young businesses (ideators), investors, and talents. Dmatch, a recruitment firm within tech, wanted to investigate the potential to facilitate the meeting between ideators, investors, and talents through a multi-sided platform containing a match-making service. This study aims at enhancing the understanding of the needs faced by the three groups in connection to each other and give answers to what value the service should deliver. These issues were tackled utilizing Value Proposition Design, which included qualitative interviews and the construct of an MVP, in combination with a literature review. The study resulted in a list of identified challenges and needs for the three user groups as well as a complete value proposition, showcasing the necessary components for a successful digital match-making platform. The proposition was tested and achieved problem-solution fit. The talents showed the greatest interest in the service, followed by the ideators and lastly the investors. Two of the most important values for the platform consisted of providing the users with more qualified potential matches as well as easier access to information. The thesis culminates in suggestions on how the fit could be enhanced and steps to investigate before the potential match-making service can be launched.

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