Change Management : A clarification of the gap between ChangeManagement practice and research

University essay from KTH/Industriell Management

Abstract: Change Management (CM) plays a key role to manage an individual, a group, or an organization from a current state to a desired future state. The purpose of CM is to promote and support activities and actions to higher productivity levels and higher adoption rates simultaneously as stakeholder’s commitment, comfort, and confidence increase in e.g. new solutions, services, products, systems, tools, methods, or ways of workings Previous research claims a gap between CM theory and practice exists, and that a vast number of theories and models available to academics and practitioners is both contradictory and confusing, and that limited empirical evidence supports of the plethora of CM frameworks and models. Thus, this study investigates and clarifies CM-related activities and factors, that could contribute to bridge the gap between practice and research. Regarding the research process, this study builds upon a literature review and a case study. Additionally, a conceptual CM model is composed which builds upon CM-related aspects, activities, enablers, and factors. The case study focuses on lessons learned and current CM practices. In the latter parts of study is the conceptual CM model applied to the empirical findings to find and analyze differences and gaps between practice and theory. At last, is it concluded that no single CM model alone, covers the plethora of activities and factors that are listed in the conceptual CM model. Hence, this study recommends both practitioners and researchers to take multiple CM models into consideration, to support and potentially improve CM practices. In conclusion, this study confirm that a research gap exists between practice and research, as several significant and distinguishing CM-related activities and factors, have been identified and analyzed.

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