Experimental analysis and evaluation of WaveTubes WEC during tank test at Aalborg University, Denmark.

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Elektricitetslära

Author: Alexander Torstenfelt; [2014]

Keywords: wec;


This master thesis is the result after two weeks of persistent effort in a wave basin in Aalborg, Denmark, and later analysis in Uppsala. The client was a start-up wave energy company called WaveTube from Gothenburg. The assignment was to verify their newly built prototype with their mathematical model and with the result advise, give suggestions for improvements to a new prototype.

In Aalborg a program called Wavelab were used to simulate the different wave states, when all data were collected, the data were analysed in MATLAB. The results shows that the prototype can deliver an output around 40kW in a significant wave height of 3.25 m, this can be compared with the theoretical model which resulted in a output about 150kw. Suggestions for improvement are given, and also specific areas that would require more research. Although the experimental result did not reach the theoretical, the experiments deemed successful since the main task was proof of concept. WaveTube has been selected for additional tests through the EU project Marinet, that will take place during the fall of 2014.

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