MAKING THE INVISIBLE VISIBLE TO BECOME INVINCIBLE Towards a method for mapping a business ecosystem to design a digital business platform

University essay from Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: Literature concerning business ecosystems, and digital platforms give an extended range ofguidelines on how to design a digital platform and transit towards a digital platform business.The literature assumes and already existing knowledge of the business ecosystem, but few givesno hands-on recommendations on how to create this knowledge. This thesis proposes a newmethod to map a business ecosystem prior to evaluating business platform opportunities. Themethod was developed in two steps. Initially a literature survey was conducted to identifycommon denominators from the ecosystem and platform literature. This common denominators,actor, activity, and asset, where then used as a foundation when the method was developed andapplied on a Swedish mid-size construction company. The proposed method facilitates thesethree common denominators and is based on four phases. The method has proved to be able tocreate the desired knowledge by, in three workshops, identifying more than 200 entities, and 850connections in the examined ecosystem. The method has also proved to display the ecosystemwith low complexity when it is presented in a two-dimensional manner, such as printed onpaper.

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