Investment attractiveness of the company : Master thesis for evaluation of the investment attractiveness of Electrolux

University essay from KTH/Bygg- och fastighetsekonomi

Author: Olena Mazevych; [2011]

Keywords: ;

Abstract: In order to determine the maximum efficiency of investment solutions, introduced the concept of investment attractiveness of the company. The concept fairly new in economic publications appeared relatively recently and is used primarily in the characterization and evaluation of investment targets, ratings comparisons, and the comparative analysis of processes. Investigation of different points of view on its interpretation revealed that in the current understanding is no uniform approach to the essence of this economic category. Investment attractiveness correlate with the desirability of investing in the interests of the investor enterprise, which depends on several factors that characterize the activity of the subject. Evaluation of investment attractiveness of the company - actually checked that the company's expectations of investors. Depending on the specifics of the company and available source of data the specific scope of work may differ, but in any case, the estimation of investment attractiveness of the company involves diagnosis of the company and determine its strengths and weaknesses to this point, as well as risk identification and future possibilities. During the diagnostic addresses all major aspects of the company: production of products / services, marketing, finance, corporate governance.

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