Löparens landskap : en undersökande studie om hur motionslöpning kan främjas i vardagslandskapet

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management (from 130101)

Abstract: This master thesis aims to create a deeper understanding of the conditions for jogging in the everyday landscape. It examines the structures that may support it, and how they can be created. Through a literature study, I examine what research says about the importance of urban planning in promoting jogging, as well as what supportive structures for jogging in the everyday landscape consist of. The conclusions of the literature are applied practically through analysis in the studied everyday landscape, Flemingsberg. Based on the literature study’s conclusions and the analysis results, I develop demands and thresholds for jogging which exemplifies a possible approach to achieve a deeper understanding of the landscape of jogging. Finally, I give a suggestion on how jogging, from a public health perspective, can be promoted in Flemingsberg. The study shows that supportive structures for jogging, such as jogging trails and exercise facilities, are important elements of the landscape of jogging, but should only be considered as a part of it. Since jogging often starts right at the front door the everyday landscape should be seen as its whole. In urban planning movement is usually seen as a functional form of displacement. To reach a holistic perspective and a deeper understanding of the landscape of jogging the activity needs to be treated as a mobility, where the experience of the movement is central. Physical activity in public space reflects societal norms and structures. A deeper understanding of the various needs and preferences for jogging require that specific audiences are defines and included in the planning of the everyday landscape. It also requires that public health research theory is translated into concrete requirements and thresholds of what is sufficient and necessary to promote physical activity and jogging. If these concrete requirements are then practically applied within urban planning, an understanding of the supportive structures for jogging in the everyday landscape can be fully reached.

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