An automatic voltage regulating system with Bluetooth communicating devices for brushless excitation of a synchronous generator

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Elektricitetslära


This thesis has been performed in order to earn a master's degree in electrical engineering. The task was to implement an automatic voltage regulator, AVR, to control the terminal voltage of the synchronous generator Svante at the Division of Electricity at Uppsala University. The AVR uses Bluetooth technology to transfer a control signal produced by a programmable logical controller, PLC, to phase- mounted SSRs that decides what proportion of the AC from a six-phase brushless exciter that is to be used for the magnetization of the rotor. Test runs of the AVR were preformed with a regulator optimized according to the Ziegler-Nichols method and a static exciter that uses brushes and slip rings to apply voltage to the rotor winding. The results obtained complies with the assigned requirements set for this thesis and the AVR. The primary focus of this thesis mainly lies in the construction of the control system, which include the programming of both PLC and Bluetooth communicating devices.

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