Comparison of Video file transmission : over Dat protocol and Hypertext transfer protocol

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Author: Jonathan Artback; [2019]

Keywords: P2P; Decentralized; Video; content;

Abstract: Context. Scalability and bittrate is an large concern when build-ing infrastructure and application for video content delivery. Manyresearch and companies have for a long time looked at peer to peertechnology as a way of solving the issue by utilizing the clients capac-ity.Objectives. The first objectives is to see if Dat protocol would be agood fit for video file delivery. Comparing with the widely used HTTPtoo see the differences in scalability and bitrate. The challenges withimplementing such a solution and tactic for the future if choosing to.Methods. In order to achieve the objectives of our research a compar-ing network experiment in similar manners and with the same clientbase was conducted.Conclusions. The Dat protocol show good scalability and perfor-mance especially on larger number of clients. Some future works suchas peer-selecting and load balancing are needed before Dat can be usedas protocol for video delivery on commerical sites.Keywords:P2P, Decentralized, Video, conten

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