The Leadership Perspective of Promoting Creativity and Innovation : A case study of an R&D organization

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen


This paper focuses on leadership problems and possibilities regarding creativity in a specific R&D organization. This is done with the help of a model consisting of four domains of special interest for R&D leaders. A survey in the form of personal interviews was conducted with leaders and staff members of two R&D sections in the organization. The analysis pointed towards problems on work load and stress issues. Furthermore the organizational structure of the two sections provided a discussion on optimal structural build‐up in order to maximize creativity. Trust issues arose because of the apparent use of control by upper management as described by lower level leaders and the employees. Indications showed that the trust issues put up obstacles for learning and dealing with failure. On the other hand the relationships between section management and staff were perceived as good. Also the ground works of a good creative work was laid with the trusting relationships between fellow professionals within the group.

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