University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: The relation between implementing sustainability strategies and corporate culture is oftenunderrated. Even though corporations work with sustainability, many companies fail toincorporate sustainability within the corporate culture. Based on the theoretical studies thecommon denominator of sustainability work in corporations is that it requires change withinthe entire organisation. This thesis aims to describe the importance of integratingsustainability within organisational culture in order to succeed with the sustainability work.The thesis' purpose aims to bring a greater understanding of how deeply a corporatesustainability strategy can become integrated into the organisational culture, without thesupport of a qualified full-time sustainability manager. Also, the purpose aims to examine ifthe integration of the sustainability strategies has led to the required internal organisationalchange. The research questions which this thesis aims to answer are: How deeply has thecorporate sustainability strategy been integrated into the organisational culture at QualityPanorama Hotel? and; How has the change of implementing sustainability strategies withinthe organisational culture at Quality Panorama progressed? and are answered in the lastchapter. The methodology of this study follows a qualitative method and is based on a casestudy at Quality Panorama Hotel. The results illustrate the relation between organisationalculture and companies who have successfully integrated sustainability as part of theircorporate core. Additionally, this thesis points the direction of the need for further research tolink sustainability management and the role of corporate culture to succeed in the changeprocess required.

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