Integration Flow Management (IFM):: Applying lean principles to complex airport logistics projects

University essay from Handelshögskolan i Stockholm/Institutionen för marknadsföring och strategi

Abstract: Our research has two primary goals. The first one is to investigate to what extent the concepts of lean production are applicable to complex Siemens Airport Logistics (SAL) projects. With the example of Toyota we know, lean principles are very effective in a manufacturing environment. However, the SAL project environment is much more complex in its nature and many characteristics need to be considered that are different from those of manufacturing. We have chosen this topic because, so far, there has been little research done in dealing with this kind of issue. In addition to that SAL is very interested in this topic. As a result, Felix Grimm did a summer internship at Siemens, where he had access to first-hand information about SAL processes. In our analysis we studied various lean concepts that Toyota introduced and concluded that even though some limitations and obstacles exist, due to the difference in systems, those principles can in general be applied to SAL projects as well. The second goal of our thesis (write either “thesis” or “paper” but not both) was to conclude, whether it would be possible to implement lean concepts at SAL from a procurement and logistics point of view. When we were comparing SAL’s supply chain position with that of Toyota, major differences could be observed, and after a deeper analysis we concluded that an implementation of lean principles would not be feasible under current conditions. However, SAL has to some extend the capability to change this situation.

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