Web application development with .NET : 3-tier architecture

University essay from Institutionen för informationsteknologi och medier

Abstract: The reason for performing this project work is to develop a Web application for the Student Union of Mid Sweden University applying the modern and comprehensive Microsoft .NET framework platform architecture. At present, the existing web application is divided into several modules which are built of server‐side scripting language technique and an open source database. The customer would like to develop the entire web applications using the Microsoft development tools and technologies in order to determine the possible benefit which could be obtained in terms of cost, maintenance, flexibility and the security perspective issues and also in terms of user friendly interactions options for all the involving partners in an effective way. The primary aim for the project is to start building a bookstore module for the Students Union that is responsible for selling literature to the students at the University. The module will also be integrated into a database system into which an administrator, a member of staff working in the Student Union, will be able to add a new book when it arrives and also update or delete if necessary later on. In addition to this module application all the book’s details belong to a certain category viewable to the students. The other part of this project work is aiming at finding a pattern similar to the bookstore module in which ordinary users can authenticate them towards a database and be able to add their curriculum vitae data entry and update it at a later stage as required.

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