Visualising the Invisible

University essay from Konstfack/Grafisk design & illustration

Author: Rui Do Rosário Ribeiro; [2017]

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Abstract: Visualising the Insivible is a project whose final materialization reflects upon our connection with information and how it can immediately affect the way we view the world beyond and around us. Throughout my research and the development of this project, several “meta-words” relevant to this project had to be considered: respect, dignity, integrity and information accuracy, thus redefining a challenge within a challenge and, more concretely, the need to contemplate upon a topic of our time that happens to influence politics and society alike, locally, but with a global effect and long term impact. With this project, the role of the visual communicator is highlighted in a different way. His or her role becomes an agent in itself, a curator of information, a journalist, an invisible activist. The role of the designer and the purpose of design as it is commercially perceived is questioned, challenged and confronted.

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