Monitoring system and alarms visualization

University essay from Institutionen för datavetenskap, fysik och matematik, DFM

Abstract: Along with the popularization of the SMS (Short Message Service) as a communication tool among big companies, such as flight and train companies, post offices and banks, a new branch started to take place in the mobile communication industry: bulk-SMS business. The companies send the SMS to their costumers through an aggregator, which in turn send the SMS further to the customers’ mobile phone. The aggregator consequently needs to monitor the SMS traffic constantly so they can assure good quality of their services. In case of an interruption in the system, their support group needs to be notified directly, so the problem can be fixed straightaway. The aim of this project was to develop an application integrated to the intranet of a company that works in the business of bulk-SMS (CLX Networks), in order to replace the current monitoring system, called OpenNMS. The system was developed using Zend Framework (PHP) and MySQL database.The project resulted in an application that allows the administrator to configure alarms and notifications and to add clients and suppliers accounts to the monitoring system. Whereas the interaction between the user administrator and the system is already implemented, the connection between the system and the CDR- and RR-database is still under development.

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