Communication between hearing aids and external devices

University essay from Lunds universitet/Logopedi, foniatri och audiologi

Abstract: New technology makes it possible for existing hearing aids to communicate with each other to make a true binaural fitting and give all of the experiences and advantages of binaural hearing to the user. This project includes electro-acoustic measurements done on one system available on the market. The questions to be answered by this paper were: How does this new technology fit into the ANSI standards and how does the technology affect the audibility? Measurements have been done on the hearing aids individually, together and combined with the additional communication interface, the streamer. Conclusions were that the standards are hard to apply on this new technology and that the streamer adds some noise and distortion. This study is a first step and more research on real subjects is called for. Qualitative data will be needed in order to rule out effects on the audibility at an individual level. 1

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