“I survived”:  Coping Strategies for Bullying in Schools : A Systematic Literature Review from 2009-2020

University essay from Jönköping University/HLK, CHILD

Abstract: Bullying has been recognised as the most severe problem for children in school settings in the past few decades. It can have a tremendous psychological impact on the child, which can affect not only his or her learning but also everyday functioning and overall well-being. Understanding how students  handle ‘bullying incidents’ in different situations may help researchers set new foundations to develop more comprehensive and effective educational and intervention programs. The purpose of this systematic literature review was to investigate the use of different coping strategies for bullying in middle and high school children. A search for scholarly articles evaluating such measures has been carried out in ERIC, SCOPUS, and PSYCH INFO, which resulted in seven articles. 12 coping strategies emerged as a result which included self-control, compliance, relaxation, retaliation, seeking assistance, distancing, concealment, verbal aggression, self-blame, victimization, self-harm, and drug abuse. Coping strategies for bullying in these articles covered a wide range of essential aspects to counter bullying incidents and stress, bullying definitions, and bullying situations. Limitations and implications for future research and practice have been considered.

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