Video analysis of head kinematics in boxing matches using OpenCV library under Macintosh platform : How can the Posit algorithm be used in head kinematic analysis?

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Liyi Zhao; [2012]

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The division of Neuronic Engineering at KTH focuses the research on the head and neck biomechanics. Finite Element (FE) models of the human neck and head have been developed to study the neck and head kinematics as well as injurious loadings of various kinds. The overall objective is to improve the injury prediction through accident reconstruction.

This project aims at providing an image analysis tool which helps analyzers building models of the head motion, making good estimation of head movements, rotation speed and velocity during head collision. The applicability of this tool is a predefined set of boxing match videos. The methodology however, can be extended for the analysis of different kinds of moving head objects. The user of the analysis tool should have basic ideas of how the different functionalities of the tool work and how to handle it properly.

This project is a computer programming work which involves the study of the background, the study of methodology and a programming phase which gives result of the study.

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