Energy optimization, Sobacken biogas plant

University essay from

Author: Magnus Eriksson; [2009]

Keywords: electricity; energy; biogas; organic waste;

Abstract: In order to make the biogas plant at Sobacken located 8 km west of Borås more profitable you must become aware of flows at the plant. This not only concerning the incoming waste to the plant but also the use of energy. Since the rebuilding in 2005 of the plant there has been no follow up concerning the energy use. This thesis is meant to clarify the use of electricity and heat at the plant. The work determining the use of energy at Sobacken biogas plant has been done by collecting data from documentation from the builder Läckeby Water but also by obtaining information from the computer systems and frequency converters. The results of the study and its calculations shows that the plant uses approximately 3,2 GWh of electricity per year and 3,1 GWh of biogas, produced at the plant for heating per year. The production of biogas is corresponding to 17,7 Gwh per year of which 14,1 GWh reaches the distribution network. The biogas is used by the city buses but could also be used by private car owners in Borås refuelling at the newly built tank station at Åhaga. The study does not only show that the process consumes 6,3 Gwh per year to produce 14,1 Gwh per year, there is also a large amount of energy being released in secondary energy flows. These energy flows consists mostly by heat form the cooling system which could potentially be recovered by heat exchangers and used to heat the process.

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