Road Shape Estimation based on On-board Sensors and Map Data

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för teknikvetenskaper


The ability to acquire accurate information of the surrounding road environment is crucial for autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems. A method to estimate the shape of the road has been developed and evaluated. The estimate is based on fusion of data from a road marking detector, a radar tracker, map data, GPS, and inertial sensors. The method is intended for highway use and focus has been on increasing the availability of a sufficiently accurate road shape estimate in the event of sensor failures. To make use of past sensor measurements, an extended Kalman filter has been used together with dynamical models for the road and the ego vehicle. Results from a performance evaluation show that the road shape estimate clearly benefits from being based on a fusion of sensor data. The different sensors have also proven to be of various importance to the different parameters that describe the road shape.

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