Architecture of the Forest

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för arkitektur och byggd miljö

Abstract: Sunlight is filtered through the web of branches giving an airy feel to the forest stroll. A soft floor and a light ceiling supported by majestic pillars encloses us in one of the most spectacular places nature has to offer. A homogeneous place, yet with variations in scale, texture and spaces. In one hand, an aggregation of small parts into a whole, on the other, clearly differentiated, strong objects. A journey from a site survey in the southern boreal forest of Sweden to an urban housing strategy aimed for dense cities where greenery is sparse. Spatial qualities is measured and analysed to drive a design that inhabits the same qualities as the forest. Primarily the design is to hold spatial and aesthetic qualities of the forest, giving a sense of being in the forest to urban dwellers. But as a bi-effect it could possibly affect humans psychosocially. Living close to forest areas have proven to effect stress levels, children’s cognitive development and expected life length (Kuhn et al. 2017).

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