Finding Presence of the Absent : To those who are soon forgotten

University essay from Konstfack/Ädellab

Abstract: This paper concerns the ordinary stories. It is about the forgotten and the things that have gone unnoticed. It is about female history and is a political exploration into what and who is allowed to take space. I focus on everyday life in a domestic space, where I see these things that are discarded, often are overlooked and not talked about. I explore society from a kitchen point of view with a grandmother’s life in focus. It is a story about everyday rituals in the home, which are of an important cultural deed. The objects support her in these rituals, and they also help me to tell. I investigate the memorial space and with my artistic practice I create a room to remember those who are soon no longer with us. In this project I work within the craft-field of corpus. I use the tradition of corpus as a method of working but also as a tool to discuss my subject. As corpus is talking about class and hierarchies it creates a counterweight to my project.  

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