Translating the Special Language of Football from English to Swedish : A Study on Terminology and Metaphor

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för språk (SPR)

Abstract: By combining quantitative and qualitative methods, the present study aims to investigate what strategies may be used in the translation of a text on football from English to Swedish, with focus on terminology and the metaphor FOOTBALL IS WAR. Special attention is paid to the trait of football language as a special language. Dictionaries and parallel texts, as well as different sources on football language and translation theory, such as Bergh & Ohlander (2012), Levin (2008) and Newmark (1988) were consulted in the translation and the subsequent analysis. As expected, the results show that borrowing is a very common strategy in the translation of football terminology. The loanwords were categorised as either direct (letter-for-letter or adjusted) or indirect (with the same or reversed order of inherent elements), and the most common kind was indirect loans (calques) with retained order of elements. Moreover, some terminology had to be translated by means of Vinay & Darbelnet’s (1958) equivalence. With regard to terms based on the FOOTBALL IS WAR metaphor, many could be reproduced in the target text, while others were changed to another image, and yet others reduced to literal language, after careful consideration of their frequency and appropriateness in Swedish football language. One of the major conclusions drawn from the present study is that some knowledge about the topic of the source text, as well as extensive and proper use of parallel texts is necessary, considering the distinctiveness of football language as opposed to general language.

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