University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad; Högskolan i Halmstad

Abstract: Work chair is considered as an important element for the users to improve comfort in work environment. An ergonomic chair design and engineering is therefore considered very important for its usability and comfort view of point for the users. The aim of the thesis is to improve the mobility and ergonomics of the existing chair in all aspects. Ergonomically designed chairs are important for long time seated workers to increase their productivity and also to reduce low back injuries which arise due to the poor design chairs in ergonomic aspects. In addition, ergonomically designed chairs help to increase the seating comfortability of the chair users. QFD and waterfall model was followed for the work execution. In this paper, we discuss a design of an ergonomically efficient chair with simple adjustments which gives more comfortability. This will give us a better likelihood to stay in a neutral position. The Ergonomics of the chair is improved in various steps. This thesis focuses on many ideas in which some of them are implemented and evaluated.

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