The Relationship between the Employees’ Motivation, Job Satisfaction and Financial Development of Parsian Hotels Chain in Tehran

University essay from Luleå/Department of Business, Administration, Technology and Social Sciences

Abstract: The present research aimed at investigating the relationship between the employees‟ motivation, job satisfaction, and financial development of the Parsian hotels chain in Tehran, Iran. To do so 200 staff working in 5 different high scale hotels of Parsian group (five and four star hotels) were randomly selected and asked to fill out piloted versions of job satisfaction questionnaire (PMW, 2010 available at as well as the motivation questionnaire (Petcharak, 2002). The results were gathered and put into non-parametric statistics via SPSS version 20 and then the six-month financial development of the hotels aforementioned also were taken into consideration. The correlation between and among the staff views concerning motivation and job satisfaction as well as the financial development of the hotels were calculated to see if there was any relationship between employees‟ motivation, job satisfaction and financial development of the hotels in which they work. The findings revealed that there is a high correlation between motivation and job satisfaction of the hotel staff under investigation. Also, the relationship between motivation and financial development was supported in the study. The findings also revealed that there is a high correlation between job satisfaction and financial development. The reason might be sought through the present working situation in Iran. The findings of the study could be probably used by the authorities in the tourism and hotel industry in Iran to promote their educational and in-service training programs. The results also might be employed by the hotel managers as a torch to enlighten some dark sides of the financial development in the hotels.