University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Author: Nana Ahenkan; [2010-09-24]

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Abstract: The need for quality software that satisfies both customers and software developers is veryessential. Quality attributes and metrics play an essential role in assuring the quality ofsoftware during the software development process. This thesis was done with an industrialpartner and its aim was to access the importance of quality attributes and metrics in mobilegeographical information systems (GIS) applications. As a case study, this thesis used an existingmobile device called the GuardTools which is an operational support system specially adaptedto the security branch and also a kind of geographical information system. One of the mainobjectives of this thesis was to investigate the effects of introducing GPS and maps as a featureto the GuardTools and also to find out the effects of the proposed feature in supporting thedaily work practice of security guard companies and their security guard. Studying workpractice and literature reviews were used as research methods for this thesis. Data collected forthe thesis was done through a survey and interviews. The findings from the data collected giveevidence that introducing GPS and maps as a feature in the GuardTools will have more positiveeffect as compared to the negative effects. The outcome of this thesis is a quality model whichwill assist the intended audience for this thesis that is the quality assurance manager and thetester to efficiently assess the quality of the proposed feature. The aim of this quality model isalso to help in bringing to light the importance of quality attributes and metrics.

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