Kundnöjdhet ur en kunskapsbaserad serviceorganisations perspektiv

University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Institutionen för ekonomi; Högskolan i Gävle/Institutionen för ekonomi

Abstract: The objectives of this research we have examined how the people in a knowledge-based service organization relate to the concept “customer satisfaction”. Our purpose was to evaluate if we could find resemblances or differences among people whit different positions in the organization. The research is empery-driven, which means that the theory chapter will not be central in this research presentation in other means than supporting our argumentation. We have used an exploratory research method with the purpose to find issues concerning customer satisfaction I service organizations that are up to date. Our empirical study was carried out in Swedbank. The data was collected from ten interviews whit people that worked at Swedbank. The concluding remark from this essay is that service positioning is commonly trusted and used strategy. We are questioning if there are situations when customers are not profitable. We have also come to the conclusion that there are different motivations for the employees to satisfy the customers. By examining these we think the companies can be helped in motivating the employees. We propose a client based course of action to motivate the employees. We also propose a variation of this method that also considers the employees wellbeing. We alert service organizations not to forget to be active and trying to find new customers. We also mark upon a gap in the theories that concerns exciding customer expectations. We argue that there has to be a limit. We also encourage findings of new methods for vertical communication within the organization. This research has contributed with an increased understanding of what factors that motivates the people in a knowledge-based service organization to trying to satisfy the customers. We also want this research to enlighten the possibilities whit client control because we think this method has a great potential. We also wish that this essay will contribute to further research that can help the companies to motivate their employees to be even better at satisfying their customers.

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