Verification of Rural Traffic Simulator, RuTSim 2

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Kommunikations- och transportsystemLinköpings universitet/Tekniska högskolan


Traffic models based on micro-simulation are becoming increasingly important as traffic analysistools. Due to the detailed traffic description, different micro-simulation models are needed tosimulate different traffic environments. The Rural Traffic Simulator, RuTSim, is a unique microtrafficsimulation model for traffic on rural roads. RuTSim is developed at VTI with support fromthe Swedish Transport Administration. Currently, a new version of the RuTSim model has beenimplemented based on the earlier one but with some enhancements. Due to these enhancements,the new implementation of RuTSim should be verified before being used to analyze real worldproblems.

In this master’s thesis, a verification of the new implementation of the RuTSim model, RuTSim 2,has been carried out. This paper includes a description of traffic micro-simulation models forrural roads in general and a description of RuTSim model in particular. Common verificationtechniques of the simulation models are also discussed in this study.

Based on the theoretical assessments, a model-to-model comparison verification scheme isselected to verify the RuTSim 2 model. That is, the model verification is performed by comparingthe simulation outputs from RuTSim 2 to the old version of RuTSim (RuTSim 1), since RuTSim1 is well verified and calibrated. Statistical hypothesis tests are used to check whether the meanand standard deviation differences of the simulation outputs between the two simulators aresignificant or not.

Based on the verification results, the new version of the RuTSim model has comparable modelingof vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure interactions as the old version. Furthermore, thehypothesis test results show that the differences of the mean simulation results of the twosimulators are not significant. Therefore, the new implementation of RuTSim model, RuTSim 2,has been proven to be equivalent model as the old version.

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