Simulations of Rotating Brushless AC Excitation System with Controlled Thyristor Bridge Rectifier for Hydropower Generators

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This thesis aims to simulate and find out more about the electrical dynamics of asix-phase exciter for hydropower generators. Because ordinary electric circuit-basedsimulation software only simulate three-phase electrical systems, a FEM-basedsoftware is used for the electrical dynamics simulations of the six-phase system. Theobjective is to analyse the pulsation behaviour of the rectified electrical output on thesix-phase system and compare it to the three-phase system. The three-phase systemis also simulated with filters with the aim of decreasing the amplitude of the pulsationson the electrical output.It is expected that an upgraded system from a three-phase system to a six-phasesystem should double the pulsation frequency on the rectified electrical output.However, the result shows that the rectified electrical output of the six-phase systemconsists of pulsations with unexpected frequencies. The simulated RL-filter on thethree-phase system shows only insignificantly small changes on the rectified electricalpulsation amplitude.

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