Distributed User Interfaces for the Web

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Interaktiva och kognitiva system

Author: Stevensson Anton; [2017]

Keywords: Distributed User Interfaces;

Abstract: New ways of interaction between users and their computing devices has revealed that users are not only interested in sharing their data, but their user interfaces as well. This calls for an extension of the traditional notion of user interfaces, to a notion where user interfaces span over multiple devices: Distributed User Interfaces (DUIs). The purpose of this thesis is to identify challenges in developing Web based DUIs, and the result is a JavaScript library that aids the development of these types of interfaces. The development has been driven in an explorative fashion, to discover techniques that is appropriate to use, when moving ideas from existing DUI frameworks for the desktop, to the Web. Soundness of the implementation has been evaluated by measuring properties of the library source code that indicates maintainability and extensibility. The conclusion is that the library has the potential of answering the needs for future DUI development targeting the Web.

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