How To Create A User Friendly Shopping Experience with 3D

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Fredrik Heiding; [2019]

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Abstract: Recent advancements in the hardware of computers and cell phones, as well as improvements in general mobile data connections have made the use of 3D technologies more relevant. This is further increased by the attention given to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) as of late. There has also been a recent disruption in the retailer industry, more specifically a decline of several physical stores and continuous increase of volume for e-commerce. The e- commerce is a powerful and ever growing alternative to traditional stores but it lacks some of the obvious advantages of physical presence. Being able to see exactly what the product looks like and try it on your own body, while browsing clothes, is two examples where online shopping still comes short of the physical stores. The use of 3D graphics can provide a solution to bridge the gap between e- commerce and physical stores by letting consumers experience the product in a more similar way to what they do in a physical store. The use of VR and AR technologies have the possibility to enhance the online experience even further, by letting the user experience an environment as if they are present in the physical space. This thesis analyzes the practical implications of implementing 3D graphics on the web and specifically on e-commerce platforms to enhance the shopping experience. Most importantly it analyzes how to do so in a user friendly way. Since the main purpose of enhancing e-commerce solutions with 3D is to improve the customer experience, it is essential that the applications are made in a way the users like.

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