University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Akademin för textil, teknik och ekonomi


Breed has a concept and a main goal, to be unpredictable and visually impressive. The idea that it was built on was to try to create a collection with the method of breeding and the rules of genetics. At first, twelve individuals were created. They were all given characteristics – “genes”, handed out in a random way, decided by the toss of a dice. The individuals bred and were blended into a second generation, who thereafter procreated into a third. This third generation of eight characters, four females and four males, carry genes and features from their ancestors. They have been twisted, mutated and mixed, just like in nature. It is voluminous line-up with clashes between references, colours and styles. The challenge has been to let chance take decisions and to do something that was unexpected and was going to give an unpredictable result. Breed has not been done for a commercial destination but would be suitable for styling artists, editorials for fashion magazines, costumes in music videos or artistic films. The method is supposed to make people interested, the result is supposed to give the onlooker a smaller chock, a tingling sensation and the impression of a new subculture, a modern day tribe or a new breed. Or simply “What crazy person made this?”

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