Mining For Social Responsibility

University essay from Lunds universitet/Sociologi

Abstract: This thesis examines what facilitates pro-active and mutually beneficial relationships between TNCs and host communities by looking at how corporations can operate in countries where existing institutions are inadequate at regulating mining operations. Furthermore it aims to examine the relationships between government and TNC and how they affect the dynamics and legitimization of CSR policies. This is done by exploring empirical research that is thematic and not country specific. Analytical generalizations are done by looking at the common dynamics provided by the empirical research. This thesis finds that CSR is a tool that allows the corporations to manage the responsibilities placed upon them by their key stakeholders. It is important that CSR is contextualised to the developing countries where TNCs operate. There is no model that fits all but common dynamics unifying all cases seem to be: effective communication, aligning expectations to meet mutual understanding, community consent and local legitimacy, social inclusion, and working with existing institutions.

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