Estimating Companies’ Survival in Financial Crisis : Using the Cox Proportional Hazards Model

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Statistiska institutionen


This master thesis is aimed towards answering the question What is the contribution from a company’s sector with regards to its survival of a financial crisis? with the sub question Can we use survival analysis on financial data to answer this?. Thus survival analysis is used to answer our main question which is seldom used on financial data. This is interesting since it will study how well survival analysis can be used on financial data at the same time as it will evaluate if all companies experiences a financial crisis in the same way. The dataset consists of all companies traded on the Swedish stock market during 2008. The results show that the survival method is very suitable the data that is used. The sector a company operated in has a significant effect. However the power is to low too give any indication of specific differences between the different sectors. Further on it is found that the group of smallest companies had much better survival than larger companies. 

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