Design and Implementation of a Network Search System

University essay from KTH/Kommunikationsnät

Author: Usman Khalid; [2013]

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Abstract: While modern communication networks have provided ease of connectivity and accessibility to vast resources, its operational and management task has become complex. Today’s communication networks consist of network devices from various vendors, which produce enormous amount of operational data in the form of SNMP traps, syslog messages, NetFlow caches, etc. It has become increasingly difficult for operational and fault management applications to utilize all the necessary information from the vast pool of information of varying formats. This report presents a prototype called Network Search System (NSS) that aims at easing the development of these applications by providing a simple, uniform interface to obtain network information that require no knowledge of location of the information. NSS abstracts the information collection and generalization processes by providing a query interface to the management applications to retrieve intended information. The report presents several use cases implemented using the system to demonstrate its functionality. It also presents performance evaluations, which point out the crucial bottlenecks in the system and are subject for further improvement of the system.

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