When states choose to use military force

University essay from Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: States use military force on a regular basis in international politics. By implementing the theory of Realism, it can provide a perspective on why states choose to military intervene over international diplomacy. The use of military force is apparent, even though international politics is said to be controlled by International Law. The purpose of this thesis is to get an explanation for military force by using a comparative method on two cases, Operation Thunderbolt and Operation Neptune Spear. The chosen cases are two stealth operations, not being acts of war, operated 35 years a part with Operation Thunderbolt happening 1976 and Operation Neptune Spear 2011. These two cases bare noticeable similarities. By comparing the similarities and differences of the two cases with the questioned theory of Realism, it will try to provide clarity to the thesis and try to redeem the theory of Realism. Keywords: Operation Thunderbolt, Operation Neptune Spear, Realism, Sovereignty, Self-help Words: 9518 Characters: 60084

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