Power-aware Scheduler for Many-core Real-time Systems

University essay from KTH/Programvaruteknik och Datorsystem, SCS

Author: Amirhossein Taher Kouhestani; [2013]

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Abstract: MANY (Many-core programming and resource management for high performance Embedded Systems) project aims to develop a programming environment for many-core embedded systems which would make faster development of applications possible. MANY focuses on exploiting parallelism and resource awareness. This thesis contributes to the project by investigating possible solutions for scheduling real-time tasks on many-core embedded systems while aiming to reduce power consumption whenever it does not affect the performance of the system. This thesis has implemented a basic power-aware scheduler for many-core real-time embedded systems. The system is capable of meeting hard-real time deadlines and it can save power by turning off cores which are not needed. This thesis lays the foundation for further developments in the mentioned field.

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